Chickens dream just like we do. They experience REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep.

Chicken Health

In this section you’ll find out all you need to know about keeping healthy chickens. If you’re starting out or have been keeping hens for a while this section will be of use to you as it contains tips and advice on many things which I’ve struggled to find easily on many other sites.

General Check-up

Give your chicken an occasional check over to make sure they are healthy. It’s  good practice as it enables you to identify any potential illness early on and treat it in good time.

Chook Check-up

Common Ailments

It’s good to keep an eye on your girls to make sure they’re in top physical condition. Healthy hens should be bright and spritely with their tail up and keeping active.

Poorly Chicken


Each year it’s normal for your hens to moult. Moulting renews the feathers .The areas which are most likely to lose coverage is the head, neck, thighs back, wing and tail.


Broody Hen

Depending on what breed of chicken you keep depends on the likeliness of whether they’ll go through a broody phase each year. You’ll find tips on how to help your hen through their broodiness.

Broody Hen

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