Chickens dream just like we do. They experience REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep.

Chickens communicate with more than 24 vocalisations, each with a distinct meaning, including warning their friends about different types of predators or letting their mothers know whether they’re comfortable.

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  • Oliver Doubter . 15th April 2015 . Reply

    Hey are we talking about monarchy which means a form of government in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied in one or several individual(s) reigning until death or abdication.

    • Mr. IshYoBoy . 15th April 2015 . Reply

      Hey, i think you did not get the point of this article at all. Please try to read it carefully again.

  • Paul Wise . 15th April 2015 . Reply

    Hey guys, sorry to interrupt but monarchy was the most common form of government until the 19th century, but it is no longer prevalent.

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