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Chickens communicate with more than 24 vocalisations, each with a distinct meaning, including warning their friends about different types of predators or letting their mothers know whether they’re comfortable.

Preparation for Beginners

When I first made the decision to keep hens, I realised that there’s a fair amount of preparation required and I know for some beginners, it’s difficult knowing where to start.

Choosing your Chickens

It can be difficult sourcing chooks but they can be bought from breeders, local keepers and farms. You need to know what to look for when choosing a chicken.

Choosing your Chickens

Planning for the new arrivals

Even though chickens are low maintenance compared to pets in general, there are a number of things you need to consider before taking that big step to hen keeping.



Depending on where you plan on keeping your chickens, whether in your back garden or on an allotment, there are a variety of shelters to choose from.

Housing Chickens


There are a variety of foods to give your chickens. Here’s some information on the different types of chicken feed and what other supplements and  treats you can give them.

Feeding chickens

Equipment for keeping chickens

Although chickens are relatively inexpensive to keep, there are items you’ll need to purchase and have to hand prior to getting your new additions.

Equipment for Chickens

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